Hybrid Bikes For Women

Ladies hybrid bikes are usually great multi-purpose machines for commuting and everyday cycling. These bikes have been specifically developed and designed for women with slightly altered geometries and smaller frame sizes. This enables women to get the best possible fit as well as comfort when riding these bikes.


The hybrid bikes can also be used for leisure and fitness. High-end hybrids bikes can be geared towards a sportier road performance. There are so many ladies hybrid bikes that are available on the market today. This makes it quite difficult to choose the one that fits your specific needs. Fortunately, this does not have to worry you because we have compiled a list of the top-performing hybrid bikes. Here are the best Hybrid Bikes for Women:

Norco VFR 3 Forma 2014
This is an ideal choice for women who like to get to places quickly. The Norco VFR 3 Forma boasts the comforting nature of a hybrid, the lightweight design of commuter bikes and the performances of road bikes. It is great for uphill climbs, speeding to the front of any given traffic jam as well as fitness riding. The hybrid bike has 27 gears and it’s available in 4 sizes.

Pinnacle Californium 2
The Pinnacle Californium 2 hybrid bike comes complete with a handy basket. Coming in then gloss ruby red, Pinnacle Californium 2 is the epitome of the elegant town bikes. The bike has three easy to flick between speeds. This makes it a low maintenance and reliable bike that will get you anywhere you need to go in style and comfort.

Ridgeback Speed SE
This hybrid bike is equipped with the high strength of the mountain bikes, and the smooth rolling wheels and geometry of road bikes. It makes a perfect choice for a practical commuting bike. The bike also features the full Shimano drivetrain which means shifting is consistent and accurate. In addition, Continental puncture resistant tyres usually take away any worries of getting a flat. This stable and light bike comes with pannier and mudguards fittings as standard thus it is ready to use.

Pendleton Ashwell Hybrid
The classically designed Pendleton Ashwell Hybrid Bike normally comes with the built in mudguards, full chain guard and luggage rack. All these features enhance if look while also improving the bike’s performance. It also has traditional vertical step-through frame that allows for classy dismounts and mounts. This feature also allows for the straight-backed, ladylike type of riding. For a chicer finish, you can purchase the Pendleton wicker style basket to match with the bike’s design.

Dawes Duchess Women’s bike
The Dawes Duchess Women’s bike is available in a wide range of colours from the sleek black to the pale blue colours. The classic hybrid bike comes with practical and stylish mudguards alongside the wicker-style baskets as standard. Featuring 7 speeds, an adjustable seat, 2 different frame sizes and alloy V-brakes, the Duchess is a very reliable choice for leisure riders and commuters.

Giant Escape 3 Women’s bike
This is a hybrid sports bike. It is a perfect bike for leisure and weekend cyclists. Its thin tyres usually make it a good road bike while the 21 speeds mean that it’s quick to pull away from lights and it can also make it up the hills without any problem. Available in 4 sizes in mint and charcoal, the bike has puncture resistant tyres that will enable you to be rest assured that you will not have to change any tyre as you ride around.

Raleigh Cameo Green Women
With the low-step frames for classy mounts as well as dismounts, the Raleigh Green Women’s bike is totally colour coordinated. Its frame matches with the aluminium nutted hubs while the saddle matches the basket and handlebars. The bike is complete with a pannier rack and mudguards. This makes it an ideal commuting bike for women who like to arrive in style. It also doubles up flawlessly as a great weekend leisure bike.

Dawes Discovery Sport 1
The Dawes Discovery Sport is a great short distance commuter and town bike. It features 18 gears and the trustworthy Shimano shifters and derailleurs. The Dawes Comfort saddle on this bike allows for a pleasurable all-day riding experience. Mudguards, front basket and a rear rack can all be easily added if desired.

Ridgeback Avenida 1 Open
With just a single speed, the Ridgeback 1 Open Frame hybrid bike might not be the best bike for rough terrains or climbing hills. However, it is an ideal choice for the leisurely town rides as well as commutes. Finished in a very elegant classic design, the Ridgeback is available in 4 different sizes so as to suit the most female frames.

Pendleton Brooke Hybrid
The 24 gears and smooth roll tyres make the Pendleton Hybrid Bike great on uphills, road and also on the trails. The hybrid bike is available in 2 sizes. The bike comes with luxurious triple-density ergonomic handlebars grips and a plush saddle to provide the most comfortable rides.